School fees management software is one of the center segments in managing Educational establishments, Coaching/Training points. SIPL Softwares school software permits extraordinary numerous quantities of highlights with regards to expense administration. This expense school mobile appmodule naturally ascertains the pending fee and punishment if any appropriate to the chose understudy in light of expense structure allocated. You can likewise get the fee from various payment modes precedent, money and card and so on. Softwares school management software in India likewise records every one of the exchanges you made and consequently refreshes the particular records and at some random purpose of time you can see records of the chose account, you can even print the record of the chose account. Like any organization, school accounting software is additionally an association which has a considerable measure of complex assets. The focal information school ERP gives simple access to information inside all divisions, and expels the excess authoritative undertakings of imitating, exhibiting and sharing information between various frameworks when required.

OUR Modules

Admission Process
  1. Prospectus Sales, Student Registration, Merit list and Admission
  2. Defining various mediums, Classes, Houses, Cash book, Fee Type, Fee Heads, etc.
  3. Fee Collection Full/Partial on-line or though bank with the carry on facility and discount and advance adjustment .
  4. Online Viewing of Fees Paid & outstanding dues by Parents/Students/Teachers
  5. Fee Collection & Fee Refund.
  6. SMS Feature for due date, Paid and Outstanding fee.
Attendance Process
  1. Creation of ID Cards for Students & Staff.
  2. Smart Attendance Feeding system.
  3. Send SMS to parents for Absend/Present student.
  4. Attendances Register (Date wise,Student wise,Class wise, Month wise,Yearly).
  5. Auto SMS feature of absent student to his /her parent and to respective staff
  6. Monthly Summary SMS of Attendance to Parents and to staff
  7. Manual/Automatic attendance capture of Students and Staff with RFID based Smart card
Student Management
  1. Student Enquiry Form Feeding,Printing & Followup.
  2. Student Registration against Prospectus Sales or Enquiry.
  3. Admission against Registration or Directly.
  4. Fees Discount for a student at the time of admission.
  5. Student list as per various category (i,e classwise, housewise, locationwise).
  6. Student Placement Details Program wise selected student for the placement all students
  7. Correspondence and SMS to parents
  8. Details of the certificates collected for various qualifications.
  9. Company information, Post & Salary detail.
Time Table Management
  1. Period setting calls wise, semester wise & lecture wise
  2. Teacher wise maximum and minimum period.
  3. Class wise Time table Weekly, Monthly and yearly Timetable
  4. Teacher wise time table
  5. Absentee’s Substitution Provision as given priorities
  6. Time table setting
  7. Create day wise time table
  8. Master time table
  9. Subject master
  10. Set period
  11. Search Time Table
  12. Search day wise report
Employee Management
  1. Employees Details and Designations
  2. System backup facility
  3. Task status and log details
  4. Work repot and Performance analysis
  5. Announcements/Holidays/Birthdays/Notes
  6. Attendance Sheet and Identity Card
  7. Correspondence and SMS to Employee
  8. Details of the certificates collected for various qualifications
  9. Company information, Post & Salary detail.
  10. Local Guardians details health remark
  11. Internal messaging center
  12. Employee leave request
  13. User Defined Repots
Class Management
  1. All the manual approach of maintaining class information on paper by automating.
  2. As the system is fully automated, it does not require human efforts in calculating and maintaining faculty and student’s fees details.
  3. Also it maintains records of all the employees along with their salary information so there would be systematic way of payment.
  4. Saves efforts and time and it is cost-effective.
  5. Rearrange the Seating Chart
  6. Sit Back and Observe for a Moment
  7. Be Confident
  8. Rein in the Over Talkers
  9. Share Your Frustration.
Fee Management
  1. Configurable Fee structure and various heads (Class Category wise,Student wise,and Optional Fee (wise).
  2. Accept fees in cash, credit card, cheque,NEFT.
  3. Adjustment of advance fees or fee deposit against previous balance.
  4. Configure transport fee based on student's location.
  5. The fees management software is user -friendly.
  6. The cloud-based fee management system provides fast and automatic backup and online/offline synchronization of data for access to academic data.
  7. Fee management software allows you to customize fee structure based on your unique needs with the ability to set discounts, add or edit fees, and collect penalties with ease.
Accounts Managements
  1. Masters Creation Cash Book, Bank Book Ledger Heads, Final Accounts Heads and Sub Heads
  2. Any Number of Cash Book creation
  3. Receipt and Payments along with Journal Voucher
  4. Option for Direct Entries into accounts for Fees
  5. Printing of Cash/Bank/JV and ledgers
  6. Add Financial Year
  7. Outstanding Report
  8. Final Accounts Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Receipt and Payment, Income & Expenditure
  9. Dailly Transaction Summary
  10. Adjustment Entry
  11. Adjustment Delete
Student Evalution
  1. Class wise Exam Scheme Definition with syllabus.
  2. Creation of Type of Exam like Viva,Practical,Theoretical or Combination.
  3. Test,Mid Term and Final Exam marks entry.
  4. Mark-sheet and Tabular Register Certificate Printing.
  5. Analysis of Topper list(Class wise,Class section wise Subject wise).
  6. Weekly Worksheets across all the subject
  7. Evaluation versus Assessment
  8. Hands-on Project works
  9. Half-yearly Semester Exam
  10. The Assessment Cycle
Card Management
  1. Student / Employee Registration Card
  2. Student / Employee Verification
  3. Local issuance of smart cards using local printing equipment and a Perso POST
  4. Student / Employee Card Issuance
  5. Manage Personal and card data
  6. Manage card Lifecycle
  7. Administration and Reporting
  8. Bureau issuance of smartcards, where issuance requests are sent to and fulfilled by a card bureau
  9. Register a profile and apply for a card
  10. Change address and contact details
  11. Purchase products and have them prepared for pickup
Permission Management
  1. Access the directory as the signed-in user
  2. Read directory data
  3. Read and write all groups
  4. Read all groups
  5. Read all users full profiles
  6. Read all users basic profiles
  7. Read and write directory data
  8. Sign in and read user profile
  9. Set Permission
POS Management
  1. Smart Card Recharge
  2. Card Bulk Recharge
  3. Tax Structure
  4. General Bill
  5. Search Bill
  6. Tax Category
  7. Expanded Payment Capabilities
  8. Inventory Management
  9. Employee Management
Canteen Management
  1. Facility for both prepaid and post paid transactions
  2. User configurable time zone based availability
  3. Short keys for fast item selection
  4. Prepaid balances and transaction-wise deduction
  5. Inbuilt TCP/IP network interface
  6. Vendor-wise reports for payable verification
  7. Daily menu creation by the caterer is possible
  8. Ease in selection from menu by caterers
  9. cashlessand paperless transactions

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