.NET platform with its ASP.NET development framework is one of the core technologies used for web application development in our company.
AT Saptrishi Infosystems experienced .NET development team utilizes .NET framework to deliver custom web and desktop .NET applications as well as quality multiplatform and complex enterprise solutions. Our customer .NET stories prove the value of Saptrishi Infosystems Software services.
Our development capabilities allow our clients to safely trust Saptrishi with their most complex and ambitious .NET projects.
Saptrishi delivers full cycle services, from business analysis and requirement management to continuous support and maintenance of the deployed software.

.NET Development Services

We offer individual approach to deliver tailored cost-effective solutions. Putting emphasis on revealing actual business needs and managing project requirements, Saptrishi team defines the best strategy for
 »  Project risk minimization
 »  High solution maintainability
 »  Optimal custom solution development
Established development and project management methodologies practiced by Microsoft Certified .NET developers guarantee high development standards and software quality. Our services include:
 »  Custom ASP.NET web development
 » 3rd party products and solutions customization
 » Existing application improvement, including complete application refactoring
 » Web integration, including payment gateways integration
 » Application migration to .NET
 »  Application ongoing support and maintenance
 » Application deployment
 » Database and data migration
 »  Continuous application improvement


To increase application maintainability and workflow transparency we separate data tier from business logic and keep data access and manipulation at the persistence layer — through object-relational mapping with ADO .NET Entity Framework or NHibernate and general-purpose query facilities provided by .NET LINQ. We are also capable of dealing with solutions which require alignment with the rich capabilities native to Microsoft SQL Server — namely, working with stored procedures, functions and triggers, thus executing, at least partially, business logic at the database level.

Database Management Systems

Saptrishi widely utilizes Microsoft SQL Server as the primary DBMS which makes .NET application development smooth and cost-effective. At the same time applications may operate in a heterogeneous environment with multiple database technologies involved. Saptrishi is skilled in a variety of database engines which allows using alternative DBMS’s like MySQL or Derby with .NET solutions.