Outomate Visitor Managment Solution

Outomate VMS, is our state of the art visitor managment system. This system is highly scalable, customizable(Enterprise version only) and is integrated with Biometric, Barcode, Live Data Capture Technology. The Visitor Management System developed by under the name "OUTOMATE VMS" is a versitile SW which is delivered on Public or Private Cloud. The Software has important edge over other SW and the following features are availible exclusively only On "OVMS". :
  • Key Features:

  •     Can be used to Control Visitor Traffic
  •     Biometric Integration makes fool-proof security possible.
  •     Casual/Part-time Workers’ Attendance may also be managed.
  •     Multi-location/Remote Location Capability using Cloud.
  •     Barcoded/Smart card capability included.
  •     SMS based custom Reporting Possible.
  •     Can be integrated with our Attendance/Payroll Software.
  •     Massive Customization Possibility.
  •     The SW are offered on a Subscription Model, instead of redundant, Sale/Support Model, this keeps your SW always updated.

VMS has 3 variant which service a variety of requirements

  • 1.    Outomate VMS 2.0 Basic:
  • Basic card/pass generation, bar code enable, without biometric/card integration, detailes reporting absent.
  • 2.    Outomate VMS 2.0 Pro Bio:
  • Cloud capable Biometric enable with barcode, but without card printer integration, Statandard non cutomized reporting.
  • 3.    Outomate VMS 2.0 Enterprise:
  • Cloud capable, customizable with integrated barcode, biometric device, card printer,Department based request managment with live tracking and area prohibition, Detailed authorization master baesd biometric integration, Customized reporting